building science corporation educational seminar

You have a row house, you have a walk up, you have a mess and you want to fix it. How do you keep the rain out of it? How do you make it energy efficient, not violate the building code and not irritate your contractor and the owner? How do you not screw up the historic significance if there is any? What about apartments? What about frame houses? How do you deal with brick and masonry basement foundations from the inside? What are sacrificial mortars and renderings? Should I worry about freeze-thaw damage when I insulate on the interior? How do I insulate on the exterior of a mass wall assembly? More questions - and more answers - from a building science guru, Professor Joseph Lstiburek (yes, his old alma mater took him back).

The session in being held in Westford, Massachusetts and provides a highly personal "boardroom" discussion the specifics of renovation and rehabilitation. Space is limited to 15 attendees. There is a 5% cancellation fee that we apply to refunds by credit card.




8:30-8:45Introduction: Setting the Stage
What do you want to do with the building? Save it? Save energy? Both? Context is important.
8:45-10:00Foundations: Basements and Crawlspaces
Dealing with them from the inside and the outside. Rubble foundations and brick foundations and sacrificial coatings.
10:15-12:00Walls and Windows
Dealing with them from the inside and dealing with them from the outside. Overcladding is easier than you think. Interior insulation is harder than you think. So you want to keep the existing window and fix it?
12:30-2:00Roofs: Vented and Unvented Roofs
How to turn a vented roof into an unvented roof. Roofs as decks.
2:15-3:15Ventilation and HVAC
Which is better: supply, exhaust or balanced ventilation?
Dealing with them from underneath and from the top side.